About PCD Pharma franchise companies in India

PCD Pharma India is one of the largest Group of PCD Pharma Companies in India. We formulate medicines in almost all therapeutic categories. We have complete monopoly over the PCD based Indian market, as we offer over 400 PCD Pharma Products in all types of dosages including capsules, tablets, injections, oral or external liquids, Gelatine capsules and ointments. We have licensed and certified medicine manufacturing facility in all the segments. We have been in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades.

PCD Pharma India is a well established PCD Pharma Company in India that is constantly developing new and groundbreaking pharmaceutical formulations and revolutionizing pharma marketing. Our objective is to take affordable and quality pharma formulations to every nook and corner of India. We are achieving this goal by regularly expanding our network by adding new agents and distributors in every part of India. New distributors are welcome to reach us in the thousands of remote locations in the country. We are constantly driven by the goal to take our state-of-the-art solutions and PCD Pharma Products to the masses at the most affordable prices through our network.

We have high-tech manufacturing facilities for PCD Pharma Products in Gujarat. We are always confident that our dependence on world-class technology will always enable us to meet every new challenge that arises in the world of healthcare. This drive for excellence in our PCD Pharma Company in India has been further fueled by a line of highly dedicated and qualified professionals who are nothing short of an asset to the organization and the health industry. All our divisions are well connected through modern management systems to ensure that there is proper synchronization between all the departments including manufacturing, administration, HR, marketing, sales, distribution & logistics, purchase and accounts/finance.

As one of the top PCD Pharma Companies India, we understand that our business associates and partners need to meet the challenges raised by the competition. At PCD Pharma India we offer all the support required for promotion and marketing. This includes all the visual aid, which are designed keeping in mind our product concepts, which special focus on the features of our products. Additional promotional materials include glossary, prescription pads, brand reminder cards, order books, visiting cards, MR bags, and gift articles. We offer the most affordable rates for PCD Pharma Products.

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